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Grain traders, grain handlers and millers have to rely on fast data to help them route incoming grain deliveries. The last thing you want is to compromise your storage facility, but you also want to be fair. Early detection of mycotoxins and GMOs helps you make an objective decision on whether to segregate or reject a delivery. When transporting grains, ensuring that your product meets regulations is vital. You want confidence in your test results so you can make a fair, objective decision when routing loads of grain.

GMO Test Strip

The GMO Test strips are vital when detecting GMO traits in GMO crops including soybeans, corn, cotton and oilseeds. The rapid test method of the GMO Test strips are available for quick test results. These Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests are on-site tests designed for field use but can be applied in laboratories, too. The quick qualitative detection of the GM proteins found in raw food and feed commodities is essential for key decision points within the food and feed supply chain. These strip tests can be analysed and result in a semi-quantitative GMO impurity level found in bulk grain samples in conjunction with a Reader.


Total Aflatoxin Rapid Test Kit

The occurrence of aflatoxins is related to poor harvesting, drying and storage practice. It is hard to detect, since it is invisible and has no smell or color. Agricultural commodities suspected of having aflatoxin should be tested on its occurrence.Our Total Aflatoxin rapid test kit uses a rapid lateral flow assay test developed for the analysis of total aflatoxin analogs (B1, B2, G1, G2) in grains and grain products. Application:

    • Feed production and processing companies
    • Cereals processing companies
    • Governmental food safety supervision department for fast screening
    • Farmers inspect the feed or grain by themselves

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