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Grain Sample Spears


Truck sampling spears are made in stainless steel and aluminium, and feature a double tube construction.The inner tube opens progressively from the bottom first, to ensure a representative sample from the whole load. Bag Spears: Our grain bag spears are 30cm long and thus suitable for sampling a variety of grains and seeds from storage bags/containers.

Sample Trays

The grain sample and handling trays are used for analysing grain for defects and to catch the loose grain whilst preparing a test weight.They provide a large enough base to help facilitate grain quality inspection of a representative sample.

Falling Number

The falling number test is the established trading parameter for detection of sprouted grain. This falling number equipment meets international standards so that you can be sure you are getting the right result to better manage your grain.Low falling numbers indicates substantial weather damage which reduces milling quality. It also indicates that the grain has sprouted. During sprouting, the starch in the grain is broken down into sugars to feed the growth of the plant. Of interest to the stock feed industry, the sugar is converted to energy by animals more easily than starch – hence why grains with a very low falling number are often classified as “feed”.

Defective Count Trays

This is an important tool to use when measuring defective seeds.

  • The tray has 300 grain slots and comes with a pair of tweezers to enable the user to easily scan the tray for particular defects as stated by the receival standards.
  • A white catch tray is included. This catch tray is divided into 3 slots. When combined with the slotted tray and tipped upside down, the seeds fall into the 3 slots (100 seeds in each slot) - thus making it much easier for analysis.
  • The tray has a spouted end to make disposal of grain back into a sample bucket/tray with ease.

Insect Probe Trap

Determining the level of insect activity within storage can be difficult. The insect probe trap is designed to detect the presence of insects in storage. The insect traps are very easy to handle. Simply insert them just inside the top of a grain stack. Insects crawl through the holes in the tube and fall to the bottom of the trap where they are unable to escape.

Maggylamps and Lightboxes

The lightbox is ideal for inspection of colour, defects, e.t.c for grains and seeds.The Lightbox allows you to conduct a visual inspection of stress cracks and endosperm.

Phosphine Fumigation Detector

The gas detection instrument for up to five gases.It reliably measures oxygen, organic vapors, combustible gases, and harmful concentrations of CO, H2S, CO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, NO2, PH3, and SO2 with high sensitivity to keep the user safe. For the detection of phosphine, it can measure phosphone in the range of 0-2000ppm.

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